Thanks for joining us- The Journey Begins

Challenge your mind- If you have stopped here it is not by chance or accident-It’s time!

Our policy- We help those who are willing to help themselves!

WTC Academy is a D/B/A of Working Through Christ, Inc. established since 2010.

Antrice Wright is the founder and owner of Working Through Christ, Inc. established in 2008.

Our board members consist of pastors, teachers, and coaches from diverse backgrounds, that offer specialized experience that aide others in professional growth and development.  They collaborate and partner with professionals locally and statewide.


Antrice is a trained and well- experienced professional business owner in the State of Georgia since 2010. She has a passion for restoring hope, building confidence, and helping those define and reach their God-Given Purpose. Antrice uses the Life-Skill’s Approach to uncover layers of misunderstanding and stagnation that have been an hindrance in so many lives.


Coach L.K. Wright has over 20 years in assisting the youth reach their potential in sports and academics. Also, his actions in the community have created unity through new ideas, counseling, and family advocacy. Always standing by his motto: “I’m not here to teach you what to think, but how to think”.


Pastor Albert Baines, Sr. of Veterans for God and Country Christian Ministry and Founder of Total Faith in God Christian Ministries. It is his mission, duty, and purpose to preach, teach, and heal others with the knowledge and teaching of God’s word. His practice is not discriminatory, nor do they cast judgement, however the plan is to educate and use the fundamental principals of Jesus Christ to help and develop healthy and mature adults.


Lameka Nalls Hampton has always had a passion for education because she understood that her purpose/ministry in life. She has worked in all levels of education starting in Early Childhood, College level and even working with the Department of Juvenile Justice or DJJ. She has 15+ years in the following facets of education: teaching, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, leadership/administration, and educational consulting.